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    Two server deployment


      I need to know how the user can access the worker machine with FileMaker server 16


      For example :-


      I have a FM 16 Server whose master machine ip is

      I have worker machine1 with ip , worker machine2 with ip , worker machine3 with ip , worker machine4 with ip and worker machine5 with ip



      Your clients only know the master machine ip address. If they access via any browser how they will be redirected to worker machine ip.


      Please explain.

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          FMS 16 Master is aware of the ip address of all the worker machines and manages redirects to the worker machines to balance the work load. FM advises not accessing worker machines directly as it can cause some sort of issues.

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            I did a test with two worker machines. The master will not support any Web Direct clients if you have any worker machines deployed. The master seems to balance the load pretty evenly. When you hit the 100 connection limit on the workers FMS stops taking WD connections (even if you have licensed more connections) and returns "A server with the specified hostname could not be found."


            The redirect is seamless to the user. The redirection used about 5-7% of the CPU resources on a 4 core server maintaining a connection activity once per second. I would expect this 2.5-3.5% per worker machine to be the same for all 5. So maybe a max of 17.5% CPU use on the master.


            FMS is pretty good about dropping idle connections as the workers start to fill up.

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              As bigtom says, even if you point your browser to the master machine's address, once you try to open a database in WebDirect, the load balancer will route you away from the master and over to one of the workers (because it knows their addresses). And this will continue until all the worker machines are at capacity (e.g. 100 sessions each), at which point the master may actually start handling WebDirect requests itself.

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                Lisa, the master will not handle any WD clients if you have workers installed. This is what happened in my test. Master stayed at 0 when the workers hit 100 each and FMS stopped taking WD connections.

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                  As just mentioned in your Understanding FMS16 Worker Machines thread, the master machine should start taking WebDirect file requests once the worker's capacity is exceeded (will continue discussion in that thread).