How triggers are being processed?

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Hello there,



I would like to add some extra features for my contact list. First, I would like to avoid all descriptions that describes the content of the field because it reserves too much space. Instead I want Grey Field Description inside the field that explains what to type in, as template. Let's call it: Grey Field Description:

Create New Record -> Set Field; Grey Field Description (from Object Name) into the FirstName field).

For example: First Name -> put "First Name" text in grey.


The problem comes when I start playing with triggers.

1. When the user click in the field the script delete all the grey initial content and the user starts typing the content. I used Trigger: OnObjectEnter

2. When the user click in the field and remove the all the previous content the script restore the Grey Field Description. Trigger: I used OnObjectSave

3 The problem comes when the user first click in the field and right after click away with no content.


     The script removes the grey initial content. but the content remains empty because the OnObjectSave for some reason doesn't trigger only when      the field is modified. (I might put some extra lines to modify the lines?)

     I already tried with Commit record to insert into the OnObjectEnter script but I could not modify the field...




Case 1 - Ideal situation (It works fine)

The user want to type the real name, she/he clicks into the field. All initial content (grey "First Name") will disappear and the real name will be typed in.



Case 2 - The name needs to be deleted because the representative of the company has changed

and they leave the field empty for a while. (It works fine)

The user will simply removes the previous content of the FirstName field and the Grey Field Description will appear again.



Case 3 - The manager asks the user to create a new record but when she clicks in the field that suddenly release they do not know the name, so they just click away and leave it empty. (It doesn't work)

Click in the field but the user click away and field remains completely empty without Grey Field Description, that should be visible again.