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    FileMaker Go 16 - Get(AccountGroupName)


      Product and version FileMaker Go 16

      OS and version iOS 10.3.2 / FM Go 16.0.1

      Browser and version NA

      Hardware multiple

      Description: Get(AccountGroupName) does not return the group name, just the group ID. Eg: "{{1120}}" Tested with accounts on Mac OS Server 10.12.1. Works ok using the same file on FileMaker Pro 16. FileMaker Go 16 exhibits the same behaviour as FileMaker Pro/Go 15.

      How to replicate: In a file that uses External Authentication, hosted on FMS bound to a Mac OS Server. In any layout , enter layout mode, select Insert > Other Symbol... then select AccountGroupName. Save the file and open it in FileMaker Go with externally authenticated account

      Workaround (if any) ?