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Importing Error in FM15?

Question asked by robyne on Jun 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by philmodjunk

I am running FM pro 15 advanced on FM 15 Server (all up to date).


I am running into an importing problem.  I have two tables:  FA and FA_Archive.  I want to move a found set of data from FA to FA_Archive.

So I do the following:


1.  Open a window with the layout FA_Archive

2.  Open a window with the layout FA.

3.  Find the records I want to archive in FA

4.  Go to FA_Archive window and click import and located the file remotely.

     Source is FA

     Target is FA_Archive


Normally, I go back and forth, doing this in batches (I have to do this by hand because it requires some other data manipulation on my part).


However, the record count for import is wrong.  It will only find whatever the original record count was when the file was opened.  Apparently, I now have to go to layout FA, do FIND and then go to the layout FA_archive to start the import.  I can no longer have separate windows open to do this import unless I am working with separate files.  This is needlessly annoying and not the way it has worked in the past.  Am I am missing something?