Perform Find on timestamp range gets invalid error

Discussion created by mikejmiller@mac.com on Jun 14, 2017
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I have a script which is failing on a Perform Find step on a TimeStamp range. There's nothing unusual about the field or the table. I'm putting the criteria in two local variables so it looks like, $start...$end. No matter what I put in those variables and how I derive the values, when the perform find step is executed, a dialog pops up saying "The provided find criteria is not valid. Enter a valid request before proceeding.". It fails identically on FMPA 15 and 16. I'm running OS X 10.11.6


I can do a find on ≥$start or ≤$end and it works fine. I can manually type in or paste in timestamps in the field and it works. I am currently getting the desired script result using:

Perform Find  ≥$start

Constrain Found Set ≤$end

This works but yuck! I really should be able to do this in one step.


I look at both variables in the debugger and they look like proper timestamps. They're created using TimeStamp(date_field ; time(0;0;1) but I've used all sorts of different methods to no avail. It acts like it's not resolving the local variables. If I elect to modify the find it shows "$start...$end" in the field while if I do find again after running the working version of the script it shows "<=4/30/2017 11:11:59.*". I'm not quite sure what the ".*" characters at the end are there for but that's what it shows. i feel like this is so basic I must be doing something wrong but I've run out of ideas.