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    Conditional Value List from calcs in another file




      I thought I had this working at one point, but after circling back around to it several months later, now I'm not so sure. There were some changes to a file that apparently broke it or I'm hallucinating that it ever worked correctly.


      The Employees file feeds data throughout the rest of our system. That that file there are two main tables: Personnel and Qualifications. The Personnel table keeps track of the standard info and is linked to Qualifications via a UUID. There are number of changing variables for each type of employee that are evaluated based on their position and also requirements that vary per state. If all of them are met, then cQualifiedState is set to the two letter state abbreviation. Then, their name can appear as an option in Jobs that are being bid in a particular state (when that state abbreviation matches cQualifiedState). We also need to use this in some other tables, too.


      As I said, at one point, I thought I had it working (perhaps that's the fourteen hour days talking), but boy, I can either show EVERY name in the drop down list or none of them. A Portal set to that relationship indeed shows only the people who are qualified in that state and works beautifully, but I'm chasing my tail on the value list. (I'd rather have a value list than a button to select from a portal.)





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          Context is important for conditional value lists, in your case the context is in the file you are working in, not the file the data comes from. Are you sure you have added the value list in the file based on the TO based on the external file table and choosen the right TO (based on the context where you are going to use it) at "Include only related values starting from"?

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            I read through my question and your response again after driving for an hour in rush hour traffic and found the problem. Yes, it was the correct TO. I figured out what I did. I was working in the wrong relationship at some point. I had it where both of the relationships were using the calculated result instead of the first one linking to all of the records in that state. I changed it to link to the plain old State of the record (which would show every record for that state), then to use the cQualifiedState relationship to show only the related ones.


            Buried an egg for myself and turned it into a dragon by editing the wrong darned TO.


            Thanks for the clarity!