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Relationship based conditional value lists in List View not working, what could be the problem?

Question asked by pleiades on Jun 14, 2017
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I'm following the Adventures in Filemaker 1 CVL by  Phil Caulkins, PhilModJunk, Basic Conditional Value List. The problem is I can't seem to seperate the Vendors from the Customers of the Companies Table in the List View Layout.


I created a Table Companies,


CompanyID - serial

CompanyName - text

CompanyType - text - Vendor or Customer


I created a List View Layout, added all the Company Fields.


I created a Table CompanyType (this is the Main table in the Adventures in Filemaker 1 CVL)


CompanyType - text



CompanyType:CompanyType -> Companies:CompanyType


Created a Value List


Use value from fields: CompanyType::CompanyType

Include all values


Added a CompanyType checkbox to the List Layout


Everything seems to be followed in the tutorial.


When I mark Vendor in the Layout, It will show just 1 record, I'm expecting that it will show all Vendor type records.


Maybe there is something I forgot?


Or this is not allowed?


What are the alternative to this?


If I mark Vendor it will show all vendors in the list.


Thank you!