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    In 16 Inspector & right click not working on button fields


      Product and version: FileMaker 16 compared to 15

      OS and version: Mac OS X Sierra

      Browser and version N/A

      Hardware: MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini


      In layout mode

      In 16: When a field has a button Action it is impossible to see it's attributes when right clicking or in the inspector - not even the name of the field.

      In 15: It is working, you can se everything.

      How to replicate: Open a file with a field that is a button. Not grouped with anything else. In 16 try seing the attributes in Inspector or by Right clicking.

      Workaround: Ungroup ... thereby loosing the button function, do what you need to do and then re-enable it as a button. Or do not use fields as buttons .. which is also a good solution in many cases as field buttons may confuse the user ... you can make a button bar with calculated names from fields if you need a button with field data names.


      I am adding a movie showing the same file and layout in FMPA 16 and FMPA 15 (shared).


      Is it a bug or is it a missing feature we will have to learn to live without ... not sure.


      Best regards