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    FMS16 ETS Uninstaller missing....


      The ETS version of FMS16 expired tonight at midnight  (June 15). It's not accepting a legit FMS16 maintenance code, so I figure I'll uninstall/re-install, especially since it's pre-release.  The FMS16 installer includes un-installers for FMS14 and 15, but not 16. The FMS16 Installer says to look in the Library/FileMaker Server folder for the FMS16 uninstaller. So I look there, and there's an alias. Clicking on it says:


      "The operation can't be completed because the original item for "FileMaker Server 16 Uninstaller" can't be found."


      I have the FBA Dev copy of FMS installed on another machine, and the uninstaller there appears to function (at least it launches), so I zip the uninstaller (because it's a package) from there and email it to the (remote) machine I'm working on, but unzipping it says:


      "Unable to finish expanding "FileMaker Server 16 Uninstaller.zip. Could not move "FileMaker Server 16 Uninstaller.app."


      Anybody have any insight?


      I would've posted this in the ETS discussion area (and searched there first), but either it no longer exists or I can't get find it...