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    Filemaker 5.5 troubleshooting


      Using FileMaker 5.5 for my customer records. I know, I know.


      Yesterday it would not open so I did the recovery and it opened, although when I went to enter information on a customer record it said "resort" on the customer record. I thought that was odd but nevertheless I was able to create a new entry on a client record. Then I went back in to the record and the new entry that I typed was not there. ?  Now today, FileMaker will not open at all!  Dead in the water here with my business. I have 7,000 customers in this FileMaker 5.5. Suggestions?

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          Sounds like corruption. I'd make a copy, run a recovery option, and then try and export the data to a non filemaker format like .csv. I'd spot check the data using numbers or excel to see if anything is obviously cutoff corrupted (for instance, a certain row all of the data shifts one column over.


          From there, I'd get a modern copy of filemaker, rebuild the database, and import the data. Then create a backup of that as a clean copy restoration point, and move forward using modern filemaker.


          Converting a corrupted file through two file format changes is probably not going to fix it.

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            I agree with Mike that you need to upgrade, but as a short term fix, you might do as he describes but import your data back into a clone of a back up copy saved before you had this trouble.

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              The 'resort' might imply that it recognizes that your sort is corrupt and wants you to go into the table editor and uncheck the sort box so it can rebuild the index. Maybe not.


              But it seems to imply that your indexes are busted. If not repaired this can throw the entire database off especially fields relying on other fields with corrupted indexes.


              Also, i seem to remember reading back then that FIleMaker said to NOT use the recovered database but to open your Golden Master with no records and import the recovered data into this database.


              If you don't have a Golden Master, you can fake one by opening an older copy before the corruption and creating a clone. Import into this file. Tedious, perhaps...

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                Thank you for your help, although I have no idea to fix what you say, as I am not computer savvy. My computer savvy daughter is coming over today to read over these instructions and try to get me up and running.  Thanks you so much!

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                  We've all been in your shoes.


                  When FileMaker did the recovery it offered and probably did keep the original as a copy. Do not delete that file as it is your master file for the time being and if your recovery file failed, you can try again with that copy.


                  Story: when I bought my first DOS computer, I found a small app on the drive that would recover files after a crash. After reading the particulars I erased it. It would recover files but instead of using the file names would name each with a number.


                  Two days later I was in the store when a man came in and said he had tried running the file and now all of his files are named with numbers...

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                    Does anyone live in Phoenix AZ that I can hire to come fix my program??

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                      They don't have to live in Phoenix to fix your file. You can arrange with a consultant to send the file to them, they can fix it and then return it, but the problem will be finding someone with version 5.5 unless you also want it converted to a much more recent file format--which would be a good idea anyway.

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                        susanluffey wrote:


                        Does anyone live in Phoenix AZ that I can hire to come fix my program??


                        Here are some FileMaker developers in Arizona from FM's Partner Web Page. 


                        FileMaker Consultants

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                          Hi Susan,


                          In one month from now you will have more than 1,000 of the worlds best FileMaker developers, FileMaker Inc and some of the most advanced FileMaker 3rd party companies present in Phoenix.


                          FileMaker Devcon 2017 Will start on the evening of the 24th of July. FileMaker Developer Conference 2017


                          Since you are probably living in Phoenix you could consider taking part.


                          Best regards



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                            If your database in 5.5 does not contain critical data under US or EU data protection regulations I will offer you to try to recover your file for free. I will try to return it to you in FileMaker fp5 format but in case I need to in fp7 or if you want in fmp12 format.


                            We are FileMaker Platinum Partners and you can get references ensuring you that we are used to handling other peoples data and keep them protected. But it still has to be legal to let us see them.


                            Best regards


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                              Btw: Do you have any backups of this file ... perhaps with outdated data but with the structure intact?

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                                Fantastic idea.


                                As a humorous idea: get a sign board and write: Help. Need developer to fix a corrupt v5 file and stand outside the convention door...

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                                  As was just asked, do you have any backups of your computer? Back then there was software to backup your entire computer to a floppy or hard drive? You might have a drive with backup sets that are archived or ones that are kept for a week before being overwritten.


                                  If you can locate a backup copy of the database BEFORE the corruption occurred, you can use that if no data has been changed and if it has you might be able to determine what needs to be added. If no entries, just use that copy.


                                  Maybe you use the cloud to store your backups?


                                  I had a client's data entry department keep the day's entries in a holder and not file them until the end of day backup was made. The neighborhood was notorious for blackouts, several a day sometimes. People would trip over power cords and the db app was kinda unstable over the network in those dark ages. And the owner occasionally deleted every record..

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                                    A second thought. Maybe the file is not corrupt and for some reason it didn't open and you thought it was damaged and did the restore. For instance if you try to double click an alias that does not point to the file but is corrupt.


                                    When restoring a file, like you did, FileMaker would create a new file using the original name for the restore and rename the old file FileName OLD.fmpx.


                                    Make a copy of this old file, creating a zip file of it is a good idea. Then try opening the copy by double clicking on it. If it opens OK, you can delete the recovered copy, rename the one you just opened and your back in business. If it won't open then you may have confirmed it was corrupt.


                                    Just because you recover a file does not mean that the original was damaged or corrupt (although it could be).

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