Count Occurrences in Portal

Discussion created by jarrodjb on Jun 15, 2017
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Hi Everyone.

Long time lurker, been using FM about 2 years now.



I have a database that we collect audit information.

Table one is Header and location info.

Table 2 is a violation list

Table 3 is portal with violations associated with table 1


Trying to count how many times "Major" and "Minor" occur when filtering out all records to specific audits.

IE show me how many Majors were on "Auditxyz"


Familiar with countifs and power pivots but cannot find the correct command/syntax for FM.

Countif(Portal::Vtype ; "Major") is what i would assume it would look like if it existed.

Also to note an Audit has many locations(Records) and each location can have 1-8 violations (Records in portal).


Thanks in advance!