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    FileMaker and R : about Statistics Analysish


      how to use FileMaker to do something of Statistics Analysis, such as Aggregation Analysis, ANOVA etc, those usually use by R?

      or how to use FileMaker and R?

      thanks a lot.

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          I wrote a micro-service that will do lots of R stuff from FMP. So, it's doable!  I got working, from FMP, t-tests, correlation, Poisson, and some descriptive statistics, for example.


          You need to have the RServe server running however for that to work.


          The flow goes like this:


          FileMaker <---> MicroService (Java) <--> Rserve




          So basically it's Java and R working together.


          For real stat analysis, given how incredible the FREE RStudio is, I generally do stat analysis directly in R. I recently did a mixed-ANOVA study and wouldn't consider FileMaker being in the mix for that level project at all -- even with a micro-service.


          Additionally, I found that some of the "results" data structures R passes back are not homogeneous making the work in Java much harder than it needs to be.  Again, doable, however.


          HOPE THIS HELPS.