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    Menu's and Tool Bar


      When I created a menu for a database, the tool bar became inactive.  Is their a way to keep the record navigation tool on the left side of the tool bar tool.jpeg and possibly some of the other tools active with the new menu?

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          There are a number of ways.  You could just make your own, and leave the toolbar hidden.  

          If you want to keep a toolbar, you can right click on the toolbar and customize it.

          Or you can use script triggers when entering the layout that turns the toolbar on or off.

          A custom menu set can still have a toolbar.

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            When I created a menu for a database

            Does that mean that you created custom menus?


            If so, it sounds like you omitted some menus or menu options that should not have been omitted.

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              Yes, I created a custom menu. I wanted to keep (the record navigation tool) in the toolbar with the custom menu.

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                And does your custom menu set include the Go To Record menu item? And it's sub menu that includes previous and next options?

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                  In the script insert Show Menubar and/or show toolbar. I think it is show toolbar but you might need both.


                  You can have an on enter layout trigger that shows and hides these.


                  I haven't tried this with custom menus but since you are doing this, try it.


                  Just create one script


                  Show Menubar

                  Show Tool bar


                  and call it when your menu bar is active...

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                    I want to say thank you for everyone that helped me with my problem.  It is great to have this group as a resource.  When I created a custom menu that included the go to record, previous record and next record, the record navigation tool was available in the tool bar.  Thanks philmfdjunk for the assistance.