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Performance implications of referencing or not referencing other fields in calcs.

Question asked by smith7180 on Jun 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2017 by smith7180

Say I have to three numeric fields:

  • Field_A
  • Field_B
  • Field_C 

I have 2 unstored calculation fields:

  • Calc_1 = Field_A + Field_B
  • Calc_2 = Calc_1 + Field_C

Is their any impact on performance based on these two equivalent ways of defining Calc_2:

  • Calc_2 = Calc_1 + Field_C
  • Calc_2 = Field_A + Field_B + Field_C


Is it more efficient to reference calc_1 instead of spelling out the whole equation in again in Calc_2?


The problem for me that is motivating this question obviously has much more complex calculations, but the issue at hand relates to currency formatting.  Long story short, if Calc_1 is formatted as a currency that uses commas for decimals and vice versa (i.e. €12.000.000,51) as is common in certain parts of the world, then my understanding from reading posts here and elsewhere is that this could cause problems if Calc_2 is definied as Calc_1 + Field_C.  I've read that FileMaker has no issues dealing with numbers like €12.000.000,51 as user input, but does have issues with this as output of custom functions.


The most obvious way for me to avoid this issue is to spell out all calculationss and not reference calculations that output formatted currency.  My concern is that this will slow down the database the vast majority of my client base that does not use commas as decimals.