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Sage 50 ODBC Integration with Filemaker Server

Question asked by dougnewnham on Jun 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by dougnewnham

Hi everyone.  I have a perplexing problem:


Up until one week ago we had a successful integration with Sage 50 (UK) v21 using file import step from Sage to Filemaker using PSOS with 64 bit ODBC DSN with Sage supplied ODBC drivers.  Last weekend the Sage version was upgraded to v22.  Of course this broke our integration.


I uninstalled 32 and 64 bit (v21) ODBC drivers, installed the v22, 32 and 64 bit drivers and began validating the integration.  I re-confirmed the ODBC DSN in each import step but the import failed when run as PSOS.  I converted the script to run on FMPro Adv.(not PSOS) and ran the script on the client.  Successful Import.  Convert back to PSOS and an error is returned "File not Found ?"  Server logs state the same thing.  It is almost as if the FMS does not 'see' this ODBC DSN yet the 64bit FM Pro Adv. not only sees the connection but imports correctly.

This was on FMS 15.  I have logged a support call and the suggestion was to try FMS16 which I have just completed the install on.  I am getting the same result.  Now I'm starting to think it's the Sage v22 64 bit driver but on the other hand I doubt that would result in the FM server giving a file not found error.  I am betting it would give an authentication error or something similar.


At this stage my fall back position is to install the DSN on every workstation that needs to integrate.  Less than ideal and obviously this means no integration via FM Go if we can't make the server work.  Would appreciate your thoughts davidhead and everyone else!