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    FMP 16 Missing Record Count In Header


      Just installed FMP Advanced 16 and noticed the OpenRecordsCount/TotalRecordsCount box is missing in the standard header and the colors and layout are not to my liking. Also, the zoom box at the lower left is gone. F3 and Shift F3 are acceptable but will require me to redo my training materials. Can I restore the FMP 15 header form and format and can the zoom controls be returned to the lower left corner.


      I also find the change in header layout and colors very distracting and not working well with my package. Changes for change sake does not make sense to me.

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          Stephen Huston

          These sound like just part of the list of interface changes made with 16. Some changes please some while upsetting others, but they were intentional.


          Each version prompts a few "will never use FM again" complaints, but many of those names still post here.  

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            Markus Schneider

            while times are a changing - there are some things I'm really missing, the status-area at the bottom left is one of them


            I'm not sure what You mean with 'record count' - the box at the top left looks about the same under V16 as under V15


            But for the zoom/Status-toggle/indicator 'browse etc,', I would love to have a 'view-setting' (show/hide) instead of the finger-breaking shortcots (maybe they are fine on a US keyboard, but here, they are annoying)