Automatically enter a dollar value when a particular model of equipment is entered.

Discussion created by tekbench on Jun 16, 2017
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Seems simple, but I need some help.

I have about 2500 records currently in the system. I'd like to attach monetary values to them based on Model Number.

Moving forward, I'd like that value to populate automatically:

When a user puts in a new item, say "Genelec" "1032A" "speaker", I want a monetary value field to populate with "675",  based on that model number of "1032A". The model number is entered as a separate field, so this seems pretty easy.

What I don't want to do is manually scrub the database, find all the different model numbers, remove all duplicates (there are a ton of duplicate model numbers) build a single model number list, assign a value to each single model number, then apply that in a script to the existing records.

Looking for elegant ways to Fill what I have, and Auto-populate on entry moving forward.

I would like this 'costing by model number list' to be separate from simply doing a find-and-replace on the 'cost' field.

That way I can assign dollar values to model numbers ahead of time, and when they enter the model number (or most likely use a pull-down menu to select it), it matches and auto populates the defined monetary value.

It also allows me to change the costing value relatively quickly when, say, they increase the price of one model at the end of the year. I can change that value, and it will ripple to all matching models in the DB.

I'm really trying to build a 'current replacement cost calculator' if that makes any sense. If I have 100 speakers, and they originally cost me $400 each, but now the replacement cost it $450 each, I'd like to be able to just change one monetary value field, and have all my other graphs etc. update.