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    Creating Printing Press Layouts




      Does any one know of any kind of plugin or filemaker functionality that can create a press layout (as attached) from data coming out of filemaker?

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          All I see is a grid of empty rectangles in layout orientation. How is that used? What does it represent?


          (I thought that you might be asking about color separations or something, but apparently not by what is shown here...)

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            I have a FM system that creates quotes for commercial printing which includes many size variations of books.  The image is a printing press layout that shows an 5.5 x 8.5 page as a spread 5.5 x 17 arranged to fit on a certain sheet size.  This layout / template is the guide in which the art and graphics for each page is arranged and then printing plates are made.  The FM system figures all the correct dimensions and I need to now make a drawing of those dimensions.  I'm thinking that Indesign could be scripted but I would like to see what else may be available.

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              Hi. Do the drawings need to be precisely scaled/proportioned? Do you need just one sheet drawing for each publication? Would a generic drawing with precise measurement labels suffice? It doesn't seem like this is a publication mapping, or "dummying" scenario – correct?

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                It would be ideal if they were precisely scaled and proportioned and line art as in my sample.  Accurate proportion with precise measurements is important as a visual but it could be an image and not to scale.  The layouts are not for publication mapping but it would be interesting if they could be.

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                  It seems to me that the numbers are what's most important, not the actual drawings in this scenario. Nevertheless, I've done this sort of thing with web viewers, where you use html to draw, position and label everything; and with a look-up table of images, where you relate to the closest approximation of proportion.


                  If you can go outside of FM, then you can script the creation, position, fill, and labels of InDesign frames based on the sizes, page numbers, etc, in FM. I would say this last scenario might be your best option if the accuracy of the drawings are paramount.

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                    Thanks for the feedback.  I was hoping that there may have been an app or plugin that would reduce the development need.   I'm thinking the InDesign method may be best to pursue.  Thanks.