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Base Elements Plugin BE_ExecuteSystemCommand System Curl Environment Variables File Path

Question asked by smower on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2017 by smower

Hello FileMaker Experts,


Regarding curl.exe on my Windows 10 computer I can execute curl commands from the command line like this: curl ""

And it will run just fine.  However if I try to use the base elements plug-in command:



it doesn't seem to support just using the word Curl, but instead seems to want a file path first like this:

C:/Curl/curl ""

but returns a ? If  I don't reference the Curl directory first?  So I can't seem to just copy and paste my commands into FileMaker. Is there a way to get  The plug-in to not require the file path of the Curl executable?


I tried contacting goya support but they said they are too busy to answer questions and recommended posting it here.


Thank you,