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    Base Elements Plugin BE_ExecuteSystemCommand System Curl Environment Variables File Path


      Hello FileMaker Experts,


      Regarding curl.exe on my Windows 10 computer I can execute curl commands from the command line like this: curl "www.google.com"

      And it will run just fine.  However if I try to use the base elements plug-in command:



      it doesn't seem to support just using the word Curl, but instead seems to want a file path first like this:

      C:/Curl/curl "www.google.com"

      but returns a ? If  I don't reference the Curl directory first?  So I can't seem to just copy and paste my commands into FileMaker. Is there a way to get  The plug-in to not require the file path of the Curl executable?


      I tried contacting goya support but they said they are too busy to answer questions and recommended posting it here.


      Thank you,