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    FMS15 and Consistency Check error false negative during backup


      Our new WinS2012r2 FMS15 server is running into the false negative issue while testing before deployment.

      Anyone else have experience with this issue?


      "If FileMaker Pro's consistency check does not detect any errors, you may have run into FileMaker Server's false negative consistency check scenario.  This is a known issue confirmed by FileMaker, Inc."


      For backup scripting and speed testing purposes we have several different copies of an identical large file, a straight conversion from 11 that will be tossed. A couple times this past week it logged consistency check errors during backup. Did not get any errors when hosting a similar set from C drive, so I wonder if RAID/D drive is more touchy. Backups go to E drive.

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          I conclude a false negative (manual consistency check deems healthy) IS worth looking into (not so false after all).

          Out of many dozens of test backups that had run on file, only a few failed the back up consistency check. However, as it turns out, the file did have issues revealed with recovery.
          After various recovery test efforts I came up with this:
          To avoid excessive recovery issues, tune up* first in FMP11. Then inFM15 Recover fully and and review remaining issues in log†. Aside from the easily fixable index issues, I found that if I deleted the layout causing the error, and the table causing another, I got a clean bill of health in final recovery tests.
          BTW - I decided to make those changes in FM11 (kill a layout and a table) to give FM15 the best chance at a 'blessed' conversion.


          * Tune up: Recovery as compacted with only rebuild indexes and clear caches checked — this gives a usable production file as per an FMI tech

          † search for "from old index is -" "Resetting invalid" "Deleted invalid"


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