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    Auto fill fields based on dropdown selection


      I have a table called "Events Detailed" with a field named 'Venue' with a dropdown list generated from a second table called "Contacts 2", with a field named 'Company' that does generate properly. My question is, how can I have all the other related fields in Events Detailed to auto-populate based on my dropdown choice in 'Venue'? That is, I would like the address, phone number, contact name... garbed from "Contacts 2" to auto fill in "Events Detailed" based on my 'Venue' field choice.

      My head hurts trying to make it work, I only work in FileMaker once a year! Any assistance would be greatly appreciated Relationships.jpg

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          Sometimes I feel like I'm some sort of weird geek relationships counselor, but here goes: "you have relationship trouble."


          EventID is what you would normally use to identify a specific record in your Events table--a table not visible in above relationships graph. If you going to link a venue table to another table, it would normally be by a table named VenueID, not Event ID:


          Events Detailed::VenueID = ctVenue::VenueID


          In similar manner, linking a contact to a record in another table should only use one field: Contact ID. So in your case, the relationship between ctVenue and Contacts 2 should be:


          ctVenue::Contact ID Match = Contacts 2::Contact ID Matchi... (Can't see the full field name in your screen shot.)

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            Thanks after 29 years of marriage who knew I had relationship issues


            Going to have a good look at this on Monday and thanks for the suggestions.