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Inno setup: DefaultDirName not in the code

Question asked by tays01s on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2017 by tays01s

I use Inno for my Runtime. It works fine but I've noticed that the:



won't update to the new MyAppVerName I've changed to. Originally it had been:

RTname PC-64

New name:

RTname pc64 yymmdd


I have made sure the '.iss' file is save, closed/ re-opened Inno and I've renamed the 'RTname PC-64' folder so that the Inno-produced .exe is forced to remake a new directory, but I still get 'RTname PC-64', despite it not existing within the Inno.iss file.


Oddly I can rename the Inno output (.exe) file, desktop icon and RT.exe file within the 'RTname PC-64' folder.


If possible I'd rather edit the .iss file than start from scratch because dealing with all the subfolders within the FM RT is pretty grim.