Sub-Summary sort on Calculation only shows 1

Discussion created by tleitzke on Jun 16, 2017
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I have a page for listing out all "bid calculations" that can be sorted by Name, Date and "System Type". Both Name and "System Type" work, but when I sort by Name (which is by a calculation field using "unstored, = Left ( Name ; 1)", only a single 'part' is shown (even though each field has a different result in the field being sorted). The sort is simply done with "Sort Records by Field" function on a button (works for 2 others). The sub-summary part is nearly identical to the previous 2, except has the field with the first letter being held. I do not know if I am just doing something wrong, or if there is just problems because the First Letter field is done using an unstored calculation, or if it is just all wrong (it looked very right based on the 2 working ones I have).


(The first letter is only being show to the right for debugging purposes)


Sort by Name (Unstored Calculation, first letter):


Sub-Summary Part:


Sort By Date:

Sort By System Type: