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Question asked by TKnTexas55 on Jun 16, 2017
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I will be reinstalling my FMS16 server.  I am currently sharing 3 of 4 files peer-to-peer with my AP coworker.  The 4th file I am sharing with the billing clerk.


Before I move these back to the server, I need to understand somethings better.  I have gone through the FMS 16's manual.  I do not see the caveat of turning virus protection off to install, although I will when I reinstall.  I do see that the virus protection should not touch the folders with the data files.  Virus Protection is a Data Center control that I will need to address. 


What I am concerned about, what are best practices for on-going server maintenance.  I am using a virtual server running Windows 2012 R2.  There is nothing else on this server.  The Great Plains Administrator has installed Great Plains 2010 that we use for the accounting to enable ODBC connection to those files from FileMaker Pro.  The software will not be running. 


How do I handle Window updates?  Window Updates have caused some issues on a different server that is running a specified application.  I do not see mention of this in the manual.  I am almost tempted to get a Mac Mini to run the FMS16 since the number of users is so small at this point.  At least I know how updates are handled better with MacOSX.


If there are any other sites that I can go to get info on this, let me know,  My google searches did not get me the info I needed.