Volatile PLIST Debugger Information Always LOST when FORCE-QUIT

Discussion created by fmpdude on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by fmpdude

Product and version FMP 14.0.6

OS and version 10.12.5

Hardware Mac, 32 GB RAM, SSD (Plenty of free space)

Description: Volatile PLIST Debugger Information Always LOST when FORCE-QUIT

How to replicate: Read details below.

Workaround: None




Please fix FMP (retroactively to version 14, and 15, too) to stop storing debugger watch expressions in the VOLATILE ~\Library\Preferences\com.filemaker.client.advanced12.plist file.


This, IMHO, is a design flaw (or serious oversight) and is extremely annoying.


Each time I have to FORCE-QUIT FMP, which is often - especially with extremely slow SQL statements that never complete - FMI overwrites the PLIST file completely deleting my 20 or 30 watch expressions.


Any programmer knows that storing persistent (debugger watch expressions, in this case) data in a volatile file is not only a terrible design, but completely at odds with "persistent".


And, there's no mechanism, other than to restore some "old" plist file, to even partially recover MY WATCH EXPRESSION DATA!


Please let me know...


Is this a known issue?

Is this an issue that will be fixed?

Is this considered a bug?

How can I track progress?

When will it be fixed?

Will there be a version fix retroactively or ONLY for the current version?



Thank you.