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Question asked by shaunstruik on Jun 18, 2017
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I am trying to setup a system DSN to point to a filemaker database hosted on Filemaker server 15.

Client is FM 16 Advanced Pro.

Server is configured to enable ODBC/JDBC and I have installed the latest FM ODBC drivers on my laptop. (Windows 10)

The database is also configured to share via ODBC / JDBC so all good there I think.


However, when I try to add the host name (which works for the FMP client) I get: "There was a problem connecting to the host"


I have the option to get database names from the Host.


No other error info unfortunately! I am using the domain name of the host but have tried the IP that it returns in PING and the IP listed on the server console (not the same ?).


I am needing to connect like this to export the schema / data to SQL Server via SSIS.


Any help would be much appreciated