Set a $$Variable to a field?

Discussion created by gofmp15 on Jun 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2017 by Cécile

Someone posted a fix to my attempt to put the contents of a field into a $$Variable using a script.


Now I am curious as to how to avoid using a loop after finding a set of records and putting each into a $$Variable.


The criteria:

The table contains words that become variables: Desk becomes $$Desk

The record has a field for the name of the language and the translated text.


The current method is to use a loop to put the translation into the $$Variable



English: Desk

Variable Name: $$Desk (calculated from english)

Language: English (etc)

Translation: Desk (etc)


My idea or hope is to add another field that will


If $$DefaultLange = Language

set variable Variable Name to Translation

end if


There may be 12 or more records (one for each language) for a specific $$Variable and hopefully this calc would only work for the $$DefaultLanguage.


OK, I'm going to try on my own but wait for suggestions...  Thanks.