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Question asked by michaelkirwan on Jun 19, 2017
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Good afternoon Ladies and Gents,

Before my mild stroke, this would have been a doddle to me but I cant remember how to parse this... can someone please help me parse the information highlighted in red. Thank you.


{"countryCode":"IE","vatNumber":"6562566R","requestDate":"2017-06-19+02:00","valid":true,"traderName":"PHONEWATCH LTD","traderCompanyType":"---","traderAddress":"FLOORS 3 - 5 ,BLOCK 1 IRISH LIFE CENTRE ,LOWER ABBEY STREET ,DUBLIN 1","vat":{"standard_rate":23,"reduced_rate":13.5,"reduced_rate_alt":9,"super_reduced_rate":4.8,"parking_rate":13.5}}