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    Import a XML Data from URL via Same Session


      I have a server that requires me to authenticate first by calling a web address passing my username and password to login. Then once logged in I can call same address but with query and different parameters to return data.  If I use a browser I can get it to work however with filemaker it seems like each call is a different session or something as the logon works but then the second call doesn't return results and says I am not logged in.





      then once logged in




      Curious how to have it keep the session alive. I wish I could pass the authentication in the same but the server doesn't work this way for some reason.

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          Usually web services like this give you a token to reuse in each subsequent call, as part of the header usually.  Is this web service doing something like that?  It should be clearly listed in their API documentation.


          If it does (and most do) then it depends on your version of FM how you would tackle this.  The FM16 features may apply.