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Changing colors and text on default WebDirect signin page

Question asked by pietergorisio on Jun 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2017 by Lisa Rose

Hi FM'ers,



Question about the default signin page for WebDirect

What's the best approach and steps to change the button color and text (to different language - Dutch in my case) on that default signin page?


Is it possible to add a small logo on top of it?

Because I don't have the knowledge to build my own custom page so I though perhaps it would be better for me to adapt that default signin form to my custom colors and text.


I've read in the styles-desktop-edit.css file of the default theme that edits don't get picked up automatically so I'm afraid to ruin the whole thing.

Like to get advise on this first.


Thank you.

Much appreciated!