Android GPS tracking app

Discussion created by CarlSchwarz on Jun 19, 2017
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I have made an Android GPS tracking app that will background track an Android phone and post co-ordinates and battery level to your FileMaker server.

FileMaker Android Tracking - Android Apps on Google Play


The app will send a GPS point every 5 minutes as long as the phone is turned on and the app is installed.  Stop tracking by uninstalling the app, closing the app will not prevent tracking.

Tracking locations will go directly to your FileMaker server.  The app does not save off-line locations to re-send when online, that feature may be added in the future.  The app has minimal battery life impact.


The instructions are on the play store listing.

1) Ensure that "Enable PHP publishing" is turned on for your FileMaker server.

2) Download the GPS location receiver file from here and upload to your FileMaker Server ( admin username GPS, password GPS):

3) Install this app to a mobile and enter the FileMaker server url into the app.


Privacy policy here:


The app has been in use since January and is reliable.


Please give me any feedback!