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    Insert From Device (barcode) intermittent failure as of FMGo 16


      We are experiencing a new issue in FMGO 16 where Insert From Device (barcode) will fail about 50% of the time. On successfully scanning a barcode, it will beep and the camera interface will disappear like normal, but then the targeted global field will show no value in it. The way my clients describe it, "It never works the first time, but usually from the 2nd to the 5th time it'll work, then after that, it will continue to work". Our tests confirm their reports.


      We've run dozens of tests and combinations: adding go to field, go to object, inserting pauses, commit record, not commit record, both specifying and not specifying a target field, etc. The only thing that works, is launching the same hosted database via FMGO 15. It has not failed once in 15, which makes me think this is a new problem with 16.


      So far we've created a workaround by looping the step until a value has been properly captured, but that's when we started to notice that this may be a deeper issue than merely a partially-functioning script step.


      It seems that whenever a failure occurs, other script steps begin to fail until the script has finished running. I'd rather not get into those details just yet as to not distract from the real issue which is… Please fix this broken step!

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          Oddly I have found the FM16 barcode scanning to be better than 15. I have not seen any failures.


          I am wondering if this happens on all files for you or just one file? Just one object in one file? What testing have you done to isolate the problem in that direction? After you do some more testing you may want to get the file and the test results to TSGal for review. This sounds like a big issue, but not everyone is having it.

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            The solution is only two files (one interface and one data), but the feature appears about 10 times throughout the system. All different layouts, scripts and objects, but they are all sharing the same global field. I haven't done much by way of isolating potentially-corrupt file objects, but I was about to create a new file from scratch to send to @TSGal, should the problem persist there. Thanks for your input.