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Get ( ActiveModifierKeys ) equivalent for FM Go?

Question asked by realgrouchy on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by realgrouchy

I have a file set to open by default in read-only mode, and I can alt+click (MacOS) or shift+click (Windows) the file icon to show the log in prompt when the file opens so I can log in as a user with more privileges. On FM Go on iOS (iPad), the equivalent to this is long-pressing the file icon, which brings up a "log in" button that I can click to use when opening the file.


I am trying to program a button that calls a script which has a confirmation prompt. On FM Pro, if the user holds the Shift key when pressing the button, it will skip the confirmation prompts. It does this by setting a variable at the start of the script based on whether Get ( ActiveModifierKeys ) = 1.


I recognize that Get ( ActiveModifierKeys ) does not work on FM Go. However, I'd like to have similar functionality on this button for when I'm using this file on FM Go. For example, if the user long-presses the button in FM Go, it will skip the prompts.


Does anyone know if there is anything available that allows this kind of functionality? Or should I be heading to the Product Features forum...


Thanks in advance,


- RG>