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    ESS relationships failing in FM 16


      Product and version: FileMaker Pro Advanced 16.0.1

      OS and version: Mac OS 10.11.6

      Hardware: MacBook Pro



      We have a system that uses ESS to pull data from a customer web portal with a MySQL backend. This works fine with FM Pro 15 clients, but testing with FM Pro 16 (including Advanced, Win & Mac) has shown some problems.


      These screen shots show fields from a base table and a portal to a related table, both ESS tables. The relationship is just the two id fields being equal.


      Here it is in FM Pro Advance 15:

      Pasted image at 2017_06_20 10_45 AM.png


      And here it is in FM Pro Advanced 16:

      Pasted image at 2017_06_20 10_44 AM.png


      When I do a find on the related table layout (a layout with the related table as the base table) for the id, it finds the record with id 60. If I show all records, id 60 is the first record (despite these being auto-entered serial by MySQL, and all other records are in order when unsorted). Cycling through the records, id 171 is missing.


      The record count in the related table is 868 in FM 16, 869 in FM 15.


      Note that this is just two clients (FMPA 15 & 16) running on one machine, both looking at the same data on the same server.


      Server is FMS 14.0.4 – is this likely to be the issue? Was the ESS engine changed between server versions, and 16 now assumes a more recent one?


      How to replicate


      This is going to be difficult. Only one record is currently out of sync, and I have seen it 'repair' itself: looking for the missing record on the related base layout was successful; looking back at the layout with the portal, the incorrect id changed to the correct one. Looking later found another record with a mismatched related record.


      Workaround: None known.

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          Thank you for your post.


          With the information I have, it is difficult to determine where and what is causing the issue.  Also, since you mentioned that you have seen it 'repair' itself, this may be even more difficult to track down the cause.  Are you able to reproduce the issue following specific steps?


          Does anything in the FileMaker Server logs provide any hint of an issue?  Have you rebooted FileMaker Server?


          Try connecting directly to the MySQL database by placing the database file on your local machine along with the ESS driver.  Perform the same steps as you normally would to see if the issue occurs.  I realize the issue is not easily reproducible.


          Keep me updated with any progress and observations.



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Re: FMS 15v3 huge issue : Client-Server Cache gets corrupt / out of sync, SQL Queries unreliable - anything in here similar... could the "repair" be when the cache is deleted or expires or have you tried this and no relevance?


            I am not sure why this has not been given priority, there are enough reports of people being really aversly affected by this. Filemaker have confirmed it as an issue but have not provided enough details in my opinion apart from saying they know it is an issue and that they can't say it has been fixed! We are talking about the credibility of the solutions we are providing and some massive repercuassions if financial and health data is not updating or displaying as it should be. I am sorry but as a long time user of filemaker this one is upsetting.

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              Looks like 16.0.2 has solved this! I assume it was fixing the following point that did the trick:


              • Under certain conditions, ESS-based tables displayed incorrect records.


              Thanks for the efforts of all involved!

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