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    Lead Origin Chart


      Hi, I'm trying to produce a bar chart that will show the lead origin of our customer base. Each customer record has a field called 'lead origin' and this is filled out using a drop down menu of values. e.g. Google Search, Trade Show, Website, etc. I want to produce a chart in Filemaker that will show each value, and the number of times its been chosen, Google Search (6), Trade Show (4) etc.


      I've been looking into the value count etc. But not sure how to get the count of each choice and not the count of the unique values.


      Please, could someone point be in the right direction?

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          If you want to base your chart on a found set of records (which can be all records or whatever you pull up via a Find or GTRR), You can use a "count of" summary field to get a count of each type of lead origin.


          Make the Lead Origin Field the data source for your x-series

          Make the summary field the data source for the y-series


          Sort your records by Lead Origin


          Make sure that your data source options for the chart object specify "summarized data".


          If you want a pie chart, use a "fraction of total" summary field.


          And you can only sort on the Lead Origin Field. Sorting on multiple fields can screw up your chart. If that's an issue, you may need to either use different methods or add a calculation field that combines data from several fields in such a way that you can sort on that one field to get your chart in place of sorting on the multiple fields.

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