A good problem to have ... my first client wants to add features!

Discussion created by user28222 on Jun 19, 2017
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Hello all!


I wanted share the good news that I completed successfully my first paid client project, thanks to your help.


The filemaker application is a relatively straightforward POS order management system for a trucking company that delivers produce and grocery items to retail store clients. 


Some of their larger clients are want to automate the invoice submission process.  They have asked me to investigate possibilities for electronic invoice submission.  I opined that we can send them a csv file of the related invoice records and send over to the other end to process.  I want to insure that it is something Filemaker has the capabilities for before I commit fully, or I would have to decline if it something way more complicated.


Any suggestions or tips on how to handle this?


With much gratitude,

Wonmoh Lee


PS On a related side note(for those experiencing the same problems) any news on Windows PC's having the keyboard entry issues with the arrow keys displaying random characters?  I had to sell them a Mac-based solution though they were Windows-centric client.