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I have an unusual problem with an import from an Excel spreadsheet by a customer of mine.  She first navigates to the appropriate layout / table into which to do her import, and chooses File -> Import Records -> File..., and chooses the spreadsheet she wants to import.  She's using FileMaker 12 and the database was created with that version and it's hosted with that same version of FileMaker Server. 



She is fully aware of the fact that only 6 or 7 fields match by name in the Source and Target lists (only one of which, Empl ID, is visible in this screenshot), and that she'll have to do quite a bit of manual mapping to get this import to work.  However, the problem comes in when she goes (AS SHE HAS DONE PREVIOUSLY) to the Arrange By pulldown, and attempts to use the Matching Names option:



The Matching Names option is grayed out.  When I tried to duplicate the error, I got the same thing.  She and I both are running the same version of FileMaker on the same version of Windows (10).  We are trying to import a .xlsx file with a single sheet in it.  There is no difference if we check the "don't import first record (contains field names)" option, nor is there any difference when she chooses the 3rd option under Import Action.


Anyone have any idea what is going on here?  Any insight is appreciated.  Thanks.


Gary Torborg

Southern Methodist University