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Truncate Table and Insufficient Privileges

Question asked by mcrip on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by mcrip

I was updating a solution this weekend and decided to replace all the old delete records scripts (goto layout, show all records, delete found set, goto original layout) with truncate table versions.  This worked fine with the Full Access account, but when I tested it with a more limited account it returns an Insufficient Privileges error (#9), despite the fact that the limited account user is able to delete via the old method (select all, delete found).  Looking through the documentation, I don't see anything that indicates what privilege this might be tied to.  Nor can I find anything obvious by looking through the Privileges.  Of course, I can simply mark these delete scripts to run with Full Privilege to solve the issue.  But I'm wondering if I missed something obvious or if anyone has insight into why you can delete all records but not truncate a table without Full Access?