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    Use the portal or not?


      Goodmorning everyone,

      I'm asking for your help, I'm stuck and can not find a solution. I use filemaker pro 15 advanced on mac.


      I have developed a database consisting of two parts:



      In Mastery I have the data of clients, agents who follow customers and suppliers with their brand that are handled by agents.

      Each agent may have several suppliers; Each customer has only one agent but may have various brands.

      Each vendor may have several agents distributing its own brand.

      In billing, I need to be able to enter data for seasonal agents' commissions.

      I can search it by agent, by brand or by season.

      The data I will have to include is just the quantity of ordered pieces. The remainder of commission calculations are made automatically.

      I was thinking of creating a portal that extrapolated my clients' names based on a search (per agent, vendor, or season). And here I stop.

      Why am I blocking? If I do a search for agent, I can find all the clients of that agent. I did not find the ability to automatically create a record from the portal. That is, once a customer is found and added to the portal, a record is created automatically with the client name, agent name, season (autumn / winter + year or spring / summer + year) and some fields . Example:

      Bubble number;

      ordered quantity;

      Commission agent;


      If I succeed in developing this part I think I can continue. But then I have another problem; If it is the first time the search is made I create the record but if it is the second or the third time (why maybe there are some additions to do)? I would not duplicate the records and no longer have the correct data.

      I ask some of you a cue to be able to unlock this situation.

      If you have any other questions ask as well

      thank you

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          For starters,

          I think you may need the following tables:





          Products (Brands)

          Invoices (Billing)

          Line Items (Join table)

          I don't know what registry means in this scenario and also what is a client? Are clients agents?

          This would be more of a normalized type structure.

          With the proper relationships you can have portals on these tables that would show the information you are seeking.

          This makes reporting much easier.

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            hi and tanks for your answer.

            for registry i mean customer masters.

            i have 1 database with le following tables:

            customer masters


            brands (is the same of  suppliers)

            in the customer masters table there is a field with the name of agent and in another field there are all brand that the customers buy.

            in the agents table there is a field with all brand that he sell to customers


            in another table i think to insert the name of customers finding agent or brand as parameter. but I would like the data generated from the search and displayed in the portal to automatically generate a record for each line. But I think it's not possible and so I think I must first create records in a new table and then display the records in that table with the filter from the initial search (agent or brand)