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    Barcode scanning accuracy between FM GO 15 and 16

    Michael Leung

      Product and version : FileMaker Go 16


      OS and version : iOS 10.3.2 / FM Go 16.0.1


      Browser and version : N/A


      Hardware : iPhone 7 plus


      Description :

      Scan barcode sometime returns empty value without error.


      How to replicate :

      Scan QR Code Testing 170620 - YouTube


      Workaround :

      Downgrade to FileMaker Go 15

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          Michael Leung:


          Thank you for your post, video and database file.


          Our Development and Testing departments are aware of this issue with QR code scanning being inconsistent and returning no values.  I have attached your post to the original report.  When more information becomes available, I will let you know.


          As a workaround, insert error checking to determine if the result is empty, much like you already do for errors not equal to 0 or 1.



          FileMaker, Inc.