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    How to get filemaker to work with Blacknight Paragon


      Is there a plugin to get filemaker to talk to Paragon like there is for Quickbooks. If not is there any DB programs that will so that there is only 1 entry of the client instead of 3.


      I am trying to simplify the process of data entry to help speed up what can be done.


      thanks for any suggestions.

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          I had to look up Black Knight Paragon as I was unfamiliar with it.  It looks like a proprietary data service.


          The Quickbooks plugin only works because Intuit (the makers of Quickbooks) created an SDK (Software Development Kit) which enables developers to connect with the data of Quickbooks' proprietary system.  In today's world, many applications exist on the web as a service, otherwise known as SaaS (Software as a Service, instead of software as a downloadable application).  To allow users to connect with the raw data, the SaaS company often creates an API (Application Programing Interface).  Here is an test environment of a REST API.


          I say all of that because it looks to me that Black Knight has not created any kind of SDK or API for their software, Paragon.  In other words, if you want the data in Paragon, you have to use Paragon.  (I should say that I'm not familiar with the real estate industry, so I might be totally wrong on this!).


          Applications that offer access to data outside of their application will usually let users know.  I did a search on the Black Knight site using the provided search box.  I searched for API, SDK, and Developer and all three terms came up empty.