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    Importing / Replacing Data Question




      I am very, very new to Filemaker Pro and have a need that I am not sure how to handle. I am hoping FMP can help.


      I downloaded a list of customers who had (at that time) opted in to marketing with my company on Friday 06/16/2017 (MarketingList_06.16.2017) and imported it into FMP.


      I downloaded the list again on Monday, 06/19/2017 (MarketingList_06.19.2017) and imported it into FMP, instructing it to replace data based on a UniqueID, and add any new UniqueIDs as new rows of data.


      But what if someone who was opted in to marketing on 06/16/2017 (and therefore on the original list) is no longer opted in and does not show up on the downloaded list from 06/19/2017? Does FMP have the functionality to remove or flag a person that is not showing up on a more recent list?


      Basically, if a UniqueID is missing from the second list (06.19.2017) then I want FMP to either flag the UniqueID on the first list (06.16.2017) to alert me, or remove it automatically. Is this possible?


      Thank you in advance for any assistance!

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          You can add a field that auto-enters the date each time the record is modified. After import, you could do a find for all records that were not modified by the import. If the records are modified for different reasons between imports, you could add a date field and use Replace field contents to update all records modified by the import with today's date.


          For that matter, the import process produces a found set, any records that were not updated and which are not newly added will not be in the found set. Show Omitted Only will then bring up all records not updated by the most recent import.

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            Wow! Thank you for the incredibly quick response. If I am reading it correctly, it makes sense too. I am not sure I know how to actually DO any of those things yet because I am very new to this - but it makes me hopeful that there is a way to get at what I need, I just need to woodshed it a little bit and get more familiar with the program.


            Your time and feedback is appreciated. I will play with it a little bit to see if I can get it done.