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    Calculating a GPA...




      I am trying to calculate a Yearly GPA and have the formula but have hit a wall. I work at a therapeutic day school and we have special electives and classrooms that are weighted differently than other classrooms.


      I need to be able to calculate several different ways and make sure that the correct number gets put it. I have found out it is not as simple as formula ( A + B + C + D ) / R


      GPA Total.jpg


      Here is an example formula for one of the GPA totals:

      (Earned GPA + Earned GPA Copy + Earned GPA Copy2 + Earned GPA Copy3 + Earned GPA Copy4 + Earned GPA Copy5) / 6


      Any help is appreciated!

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          About as clear as mud.


          Your example at the bottom appears to match the example given at the beginning, which is itself a simple statement of how to compute a mathematical mean.


          If there is weighting for different courses, you haven't given any info on it.


          And naming the fields Earned GPA, Earned GPA Copy, Earned GPA Copy2 suggests poor naming conventions and a less than optimum data model.

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            Not worried about naming at the moment... just trying to get the total to show the correct GPA.


            Weighted totals are going to be a given number depending on the class. Those numbers are still trying to figure it by my higher ups.


            My thought is once I get it to recognize the correct GPA formula I can add it in later with minimal destruction, as I have done in the past.

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              But you've only given one formula, the sum divided by a number. If that number is the number of items summed, you have simply computed the mean, the most common way to compute an average. If there's a different formula you need to use, You haven't described it.


              And It's not just the names, that can cause enough problems as the name you use is the first step towards documenting your solution and while poor names can cause problems, the fact that you have multiple fields for the same type of data in the same record suggests an inflexible design that may not be the best way to store and compute these values.


              But the main point is that you have not provided enough detail about what you need to do and what assistance you need to produce a working solution. Please provide more detail.

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                You have to be able to do the calculation on paper (understand it) before a computer can implement it for you.


                If you can write down the formula and make sure it works (again, on paper with examples), for something like this, it's simple to implement.

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                  I agree! Carbon-based computing before silicon-based, at times.


                  Additionally, I might see how this is calculated with JavaScript and then translate to FMP. Something like:


                  But if you want to see what others have already done with FMP & GPA, you might start with a search on this forum for


                  Or your favorite search engines for

                  FileMaker GPA

                  I did not research for custom functions and perhaps those exist as well.



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                    This is pretty simple math to do. Are you saying that someone in administration still has not developed the weights yet?

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                      Thanks All. I am gonna go figure it out.


                      Being treated like an idiot here.

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                        I just figured it out!!



                        I created another field that does a Count of the Earned GPA's and am using that as the divider for the Yearly GPA.



                        The formula would look like this:



                        (GPA Field A + GPA Field B + GPA Field C) / Count Field

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                          Glade you got it figured out.   


                          Sorry, if someone insulted you in prior posts.   All these users (this community) wanted to help and would help you.  These users may or may not be in the same field as you, so you have to give more detail information so they understand what the problem is and how it is failing.   Also, when you ask an expert (computer programmer) they will nitpick your code and naming convention. 

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                            I am in the same field as you, work for a company that manages several schools and GPA is quite familiar. Wasn't treating you like an idiot, just trying to get enough info to help you.


                            There's more than one method for computing a GPA so you have to be able to explain what method needs to be used and how your efforts to work are failing. Otherwise, all we can do is a) ask for more info. b) make very general suggestions c) try to guess what it is that  you need to get the problem fixed.