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ALL Font Designations on ALL Layouts Lost after Saving in FMPA 16

Question asked by kcunning on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2017 by bradhorn77

Versions: FileMaker Pro Advanced on MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.11.6, working on schema of file served by FileMaker Server running on Windows Server 2012 R2


Incident: We have a large database (file ~8.5 GB, with additional ~30GB of externally-stored containers) that we've had up and running for years (using FMP/FMPA 12-15 fine, day in and day out). A week ago, I decided to use the new FileMaker Pro Advanced 16 to edit some layouts and schema (I was especially interested in using the layout element list tool to help rework some complicated layouts). After a series of editing passes (both schema or layout) by me and one other developer, users started reporting that the fonts were looking "funny". Upon examination, I found that, for EVERY LAYOUT in the database, EVERY ELEMENT on the layout was stripped of its font designation. That is, when the element is selected in Layout Mode, no font is checked in the font menu -- it just showed a horizontal line. The font actually used to display every item was, I presume, the default system font. There was no way to fix this issue (restarts of the client apps, and then of the server, did not fix it -- the font designations were permantly lost), so I finally had to go to a backup. And of course I went back to using FileMaker 15 only.


The problem has not recurred since I abandoned FMPA 16 (and of course I will not use it now and insist that no other developer on the project use it), yet I have done extensive development on the system since the incident. In other words, it seems tied directly to the use of FileMaker 16.


FYI: this is NOT the same problem where the fonts turn into gobbledegook characters after some user client uptime, but appear fine when the user restarts -- no, the characters here are readable, but are all devolved to no font selected (i.e., the font selection, or should I say the lack thereof, is a PERMANENT CHANGE).


Again, the change was to ALL elements on ALL layouts (and we have 830 layouts!), not merely to the few layouts I was tinkering with.


One possibly relevant (?) piece of info: I have noticed, on two very large dbs for two separate clients on two completely different server environments (one Mac/one Win), that, after a few days of uptime, the system sometimes wedges. In other words, FileMaker Server gives all impression of having a memory leak or in some other way running out of cache on the server. (I have seen this reported elsewhere, but have seen no solution.) And at that point we've typically had to restart (if we don't, the system comes to a crawl and eventually a full stop, as far as responsiveness is concerned). What's the relevance of that? The edits I describe above and the ensuing font detachments occurred in the later part of this observed server cycle (our helpful restart was unfortunately set for the next morning) -- I wonder if the loss of fonts is connected to the more risky part of the uptime (as the cache threw away some db structural data, etc.) and maybe there's something about FM 16's schema/layout "saves" that doesn't handle this memory-strained circumstance as well as earlier versions.


Anyway, I could understand if an individual layout that I was working on got corrupted, but for the whole database to lose font info for ALL layouts just by completely typical developer actions seems a very significant problem, so I wonder if it has to do with overall memory management/modelling.


Has anyone else seen this?