Changing to particular layouts causing fmpa16 to crash

Discussion created by Extensitech on Jun 20, 2017
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Windows 10



I have a file where, for certain layouts (apparently just three of them), if you switch to one of these layouts more than once, using the layout menu or a go to layout script step, FM16 crashes without an error message. I've been trying to narrow the issue now, but if I do this more than a few times, I can't open FMPA16 at all without reinstalling.


Some clues I've been able to gather:


  • The layouts are pretty standard, and very consistent with dozens of other layouts in the same solution that do not exhibit this behavior.
  • This same file, in prior versions of FMPA, does not exhibit this behavior at all.
  • We have reproduced this behavior on two different Windows 10 machines.
  • I've disabled all plugins, and no change
  • I created duplicate layouts, and they exhibited the same behavior
  • New layouts based on the same tables do not appear to exhibit this behavior
  • I removed layout elements that were even remotely unusual (a couple of charts and popover buttons) but the behavior persisted. Remaining objects are basic fields and portals much like other layouts that are working fine.
  • The file is, to my knowledge, "pristine" and has never been crashed in standalone, nor recovered.


Given the above, I'm working on the assumption that there is a layout object appearing on these layouts that is causing this issue, but I haven't been able to isolate it, and I suspect it may even be the result of something since removed? While I'm confident I could work around this, perhaps by rebuilding the layouts one step at a time, I also worry that this might be a hard-to-reproduce bug in 16, and also perhaps one that might be easier to isolate with more advanced tools. I'm concerned that on my own, I might end up destroying a valuable example of the issue.


I would like to submit this file, backchannel, to FMI (or to trusted colleagues?) for review. The file isn't terribly proprietary, and it's a development file with no production data, but it does include enough that I wouldn't want to post it in a public space.


Chris Cain