Dynamic Horizontal Column Data Display

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I have a table that -


  • contains a list of tag descriptions attributable to different users, each record has a __pkTag and also a __pkUser field;
  • the number of tags associated to each user varies;
  • the alphabetical makeup of each user's tags also varies - i.e. there is no consistency in the number of tags starting with, say, a letter B and so on.


I want to display the tags on each user's page, in three columns that read alphabetically left to right as you descend down through the tags.They also need to be dynamic so when clicked on lead to the relevant detail page.


I've tried using three portals and relationships to the TagList table, trying calculations to divide each user's tag quantity into three, then prefixing a copy of each __pk Tag with a letter and so on, but am struggling and think i am over complicating matters.


Any help appreciated.