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    Truncate Table requires Full Access


      Filemaker Pro (and Advanced) and

      Mac 10.11.6

      Macbook Pro laptop



      Use of the Truncate Table script step appears to require Full Access in order to run.  Attached is an example file.  The Admin account (blank password) can delete all records using any of the 3 buttons (Delete With Show All, Delete with Truncate Current, and Delete with Truncate Selected Table).  Using the guest account or guest_test (also blank password) which use the Data Entry Only and Data Entry Copy privilege sets, you can only delete all the records using the Delete With Show All button.  Both of the Delete With Truncate buttons return an error 9 (insufficient privilege)


      How to replicate

      Noted above



      Workaround (if any)

      If using scripts, the script can be marked as Grant Full Access Privilege