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    Shift log database


      Hi, I'm completely new to FileMaker, I've been trying for the past couple weeks to create a "shift log database" for my shift to keep track of completed tasks and overall team productivity.

      I've been unsuccessful in all attempt, I've recently resorted in creating an Excel database, but I've also been unsuccessful in importing the Excel database into FileMaker. I'm not getting the dropdown list with employees to operate the way it does in Excel...


      Could anyone please help me with creating "Shift log database" in FileMaker...

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          Any number of people here can and will help you, but in order to do so, you need to help us to help you.


          Please describe what you are trying to do in more detail and exactly where it breaks down for you.

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            A drop down selection will use a Value List. File>Manage>Value Lists.


            As philmfdjunk stated there is not much to go on here. The more info you provide the easier it is to help.

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              Hello, thank you for the feedback.

              I took some screenshots of the excel version that I'm currently using.

              As you can see it's a semi interactive form. Where after "0005/" you can manually enter more fields if applicable.

              Screenshot 2017-06-21 10.02.53.pngScreenshot 2017-06-21 09.54.25.pngScreenshot 2017-06-21 09.59.17.png

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                Yes, but when you attempt to set this up in FileMaker, what's the first problem that you encounter?

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                  I don't really know how to create the form...

                  I got the tables set up for the combo box, but I don't know how to combine them to display them as displayed in the screenshots...

                  So my main obstacle is creating this form layout in FileMaker and getting the form to save and be functional... through relationships with the other tables so that the information in the other tables can be link to the combo box.

                  Am I making any sense?

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                    Yes, you are making sense, but as I can't read your language, I can't quite decipher how that spreadsheet is supposed to work. Let's see if coming at this from another angle works for you.


                    Can you describe in a few sentences how this is supposed to work?


                    Are you logging who worked on a given shift?

                    If so, what information needs to be logged for each person in that log?

                    Is this for assigning people to shifts or for clocking the actual time that they worked?

                    Any other details that describe this process would be helpful.

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                      O.k, this form is to:


                      1. log who worked on the two specific shifts.

                      2. who was sick, on vacation or absent on that day.

                      3. the inspection of the vehicle for each shift.

                      4. the different tasks that were executed and by whom, with a text field for notes.

                      5. and on the third page, there is a button to add additional fields to continue recording the rest of the work day.

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                        #5 first, in FileMaker, you will not add additional fields to continue recording information. Instead, best approach is to add more records as needed to log additional info.


                        Note also that while not a 100% perfect match, your excel rows will be records in FileMaker with your columns defined as fields. There will be exceptions to that general rule.


                        1. Log in who worked on the two specific shifts.


                        Right there, you will have at least two, more likely three tables linked in relationships:




                        Shifts will have one record for each shifted worked for each work day.

                        Personnel will have one record for each employee.

                        To log who worked on a given shift, you create a record for each such person in Shift_Personnel linked to the relevant shift. If you need only record very minimal info about each employee, you might get away with no personnel table, but that's unlikely.



                        Tom, Jeff and George worked on Shift 1, 6/21/2017

                        Mary, Joan and Jeff worked on Shift 2, 6/21/2017


                        You would create 6 records in Shift_personnel. The first such record would link to Tom's personnel record and the record for Shift 1, 6/21/2017. The next would link to the same personnel record, but to Jeff's personnel record, and so forth.


                        There are many ways you might set up your layout, but a common one would be to set up a portal to Shift_Personnel on a layout based on Shifts. A field from Shift_Personnel in the portal row would be formatted with a value list of employee ID's and names from Personnel such that selecting an employee logs that they worked on that particular shift by creating a related record in Shift_Personnel.


                        I suggest trying to get that part to work first and reporting back here before trying to do more. FileMaker Help, this forum and a lot of the available training resources have useful info on portals, their relationships and how you might use them.

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                          All FileMaker revisions come with a simple TASK Starter Solution. See if it fits your needs or try to tweak it. You mess up you start again with another copy.

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                            Hi, I followed your advice... It worked out rather good.
                            I changed my approach as you suggested and created two layouts... 1 for the shift log and 1 for supervisor to register absenteeism, sick and vacation.


                            I use first and last name in my tables and created a "calculation" to join the names together...
                            however when I link the "drop-down list" to the "calculation field", it only give me the first user in table...
                            is there a way that it would give me all names stored in the table?


                            Also, I've been trying to exclude names from users who are sick from the "drop-down list" but that also proves extremely difficult.

                            Screenshot 2017-06-25 20.08.19.pngScreenshot 2017-06-25 20.08.00.pngScreenshot 2017-06-25 20.07.35.png

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                              What do your tables and relationships look like? A screenshot of your relationship graph can show us much.

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                                Medewerkers(Colleagues) has their ID linked to Teamleaders, because the teamleaders are also Colleagues and to the Voorwerk(Organization) layout for the teamleaders, where they register absenteeism, sick and vacation.


                                I linked the phoneNumber as well, thinking it would automatically display the phoneNumber of the selected Teamleader... but it didn't


                                I also linked the services in Organisation to the table in Services... but I think that that's a mistake...

                                Screenshot 2017-06-25 21.25.41.png

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                                  Is Voorwerk supposed to serve as the table that records which shifts were worked?


                                  If so, Voorwerk::ID_link should be formatted with a drop down list of data from Medewerkers, with ID as field 1 and C_Name as field 2. Make sure that C_Name has "text" specified as a result type.


                                  Yes, remove phone number as a match field as it will not help here. The relationship from Teamleiders to Medewerkers appears backwards. You need an ID field in TeamLeiders that uniquely identifies each team leader record matching to an FK field in Medewerkers as presumably, you have one team leader to many workers.


                                  I've been trying to exclude names from users who are sick from the "drop-down list" but that also proves extremely difficult.


                                  What you are describing is called a conditional value list. I have a teaching file on the subject that I will share here at the end of this post, but a worker's availability is specified in Voorwerk, apparently while their ID and names are found in Medewrkers, that will be a problem. If you can mark records in Medewerkers as "available" or not available (due to sick, vacation, etc), then a conditional value list based on Medewerkers can exclude those not available.


                                  Adventures in FileMaking #1--conditional value lists

                                  and this file explores alternatives to selecting values from a value list:

                                  Adventures in FileMaking #2-enhanced value selection

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                                    Hi again...

                                    It took me some time to reconstruct my initial request to your explanations and I did indeed manage to simplify it.


                                    Is it possible to create a search box and script it to search for names in every field in the database through one search, like a google search...? Not the default one where I can only search by specific fields?

                                    I have zero scripting knowledge didn't know what to expect.

                                    Screenshot 2017-06-30 09.28.12.pngScreenshot 2017-06-30 09.35.03.pngScreenshot 2017-06-30 09.37.03.pngScreenshot 2017-06-30 09.42.27.pngScreenshot 2017-06-30 09.45.16.pngScreenshot 2017-06-30 09.46.04.png

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