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    FM Go Perform Find Crash


      Has anyone experienced FM Go suddenly crashing when users perform a find? It's a problem that has happened so far on at least two different device types (iPad 4th Gen and iPad Air 2) with every version of FM Go except 16 (have not tried 16 because 16 is not compatible with some of our other devices that we must connect to remotely). Also happens when connected remotely to a host or when opening up the file from the device itself. Any thoughts?

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          FMGo 13 had a memory leak that caused crashing.   I seen some reports with FMGo 15.    I do believe that FMGo 16 is the most stable version. 


          Corruption in the database or a corrupted object in the database can also cause crashing. 


          There is a another thread / post about the correct way to close a database in FMGo to prevent corruption.


          Re: Avoiding Corrupted Files in FM GO

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            Markus Schneider

            is the database stored locally on the iPad or is there a server (iPad access the data via 'hosts')


            - is it a 'normal' field for searching (formula, etc.)

            - crashes occur when searching in a specific field?


            local installation

            - copy the database to a desktop machine, make a copy (important!) and test with that machine with the copy

            - run recover with the copy (important) and check the log-file for errors


            server installation

            - no problems on desktop machines with FileMaker Pro?


            if FMGo crashes when searching in one specific field, try deactivating/reactivating indexing (FileMaker Pro)