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Discussion created by king_arthur on Jun 20, 2017
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OK reaching out for another step help that I can't seem to figure out:


I have a one to many relationship from Apiary to Hives:



Apiary::__ID_Apiary = Hive::_id_apiary


I am able to create A New Apiary then Add and Delete New Hives... So i have a Layout "New Apiary" [linked to Apiary Table] with two buttons: one that takes me to to the "Edit Layout" for the Current Apiary - the other Button takes me to another Layout "Hives in Apiary" [linked to the Hive table] that lists the Hives Related to the Apiary.


That much works - i have some scripts to assist in the some of the creation.. now i am moving to my next step and i seem to be hitting a strange road block.


So on the Layout "Hives in Apiary" I have four Buttons but i am only going to focus here on the one "Inspection"


I have a one to many relationship from Hive to Inspection [each hive can have any number of inspections]


Hive::__ID_Hive = Inspection::_id_hive


My understanding is the relationship is the same as as with Apiary and Hive


I click the Inspection Button to go to the "Inspections in Hive"[linked to Inspection table] Layout. but there seems to be a problem :


This operation could not be completed because the target is not part of a related table


so the button has the following Step

[Go to Related Record [Show only records; From table: "T2_Hive"; using layout: "Inspections_in_Hive" (T2_Hive)]

where T2_Hive is the relationship table name for Hive in the relationship to Inspection.


My thought i should be take the the "Inspections_in_Hive" layout but instead i get the error that the target is not part of a related table


What am i not getting here....